Plano Flags of Honor

PERC hosts this annual event to honor veterans and first responders.  There is a display of over 1,000 3 x 5 American Flags.  Each flag is dedicated to a veteran or first responder by members of the community.  We have musical performances, speakers, static displays and more throughout the week.  Funds raised through this event support Veterans and First Responder causes.  Below are some of the organizations we have supported through this program:
Veterans Center of North Texas – This organization is a central point of contact for Veterans and their families to learn about benefits and services available in North Texas.  They assist veterans locate living wage employment, obtain short and long term housing, obtain financial, legal and medical assistance, and help them navigate the Veterans Affairs Systems.
Heroes on the Water – This organization creates alternative wellness programs to serve veterans, military personnel, first responders, and their families.  It is primarily an outdoor therapy program that provides experiential programs that incorporate structured activities prove to reduce the impact of post-traumatic stress and brain injury while providing much needed camraderie and support.  
Operation Once in a Lifetime – This organization was created to make the dreams of Veterans and their families come true as well as provide emergency financial assistance to veterans who have honorably served our country.
Trusted World Foundation – This organization provides clothing, food, and personal care items so first responders can focus on their core mission and not spend time trying to find much needed resources. 
The Plano East Rotary Club Foundation also works with local organizations to identify Veterans in our community who, based on circumstances may have been overlooked for services.  We have constructed accessible entrances for veterans confined to wheelchairs, provided emergency roofing stabilization until a permanant resolution could be identified, provided transportation to medical appointments and other veteran support organizations, provide assistance to have utilities restored, provided a meal when one was not available.